Scenic Train Rides in Delaware

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The Wilmington & Western Railroad is one of the premier tourist railroads on the East Coast and offers the only scenic steam train rides in Delaware.
A total of 6 steam locomotives reside in
Delaware today and all but the 2 operating steam locomotives on the W&WR are in storage.
Did you know?
Delaware's first railroad was the New Castle & Frenchtown Railroad, which began in 1832. Wilmington's Amtrak station, along with the adjacent former Pennsylvania Railroad office building and freight station, comprise the largest existing concentration of railroad structures in the country. Amtrak's 135mph Acela Express operates between Washington and New York, as part of the Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. Norfolk Southern maintains 203 route miles as part of it's Cresent Corridor. With nearly 90 trains per day running through Delaware, it makes for some exciting trainspotting.


Wilmington & Western Railroad

A 10 mile round trip steam train ride on the Wilmington & Western will take you back to a time when the steam locomotive ruled the rails. You'll travel in antique passenger coaches pulled by either a coal-burning steam locomotive or an early-generation diesel locomotive. Some train rides feature the historic self-propelled Pennsylvania Railroad "Doodlebug" railcar, where you can relax in plush seats surrounded by a polished wood interior. Regardless of how you travel, you and your family will experience early 20th Century railroading at its best. Engine # 98 was built in 1907 and is the only operating 4-4-0 east of the Mississippi. The 1909 Alco Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic RR 0-6-0, No. 58, also pulls scenic train rides. Directions